...he's the first one I call now for roof and siding...

My spring project was to determine whether I needed a new roof. The answer from Tom Greene of American Vinyl was "no," which also was the opinion of an unassociated former roofer.

He has helped me in the past with aluminum trim that has come loose, so he's the first one I call now for roof and siding help. When I called to ask for a roof review, I mentioned that the various vent pipes were rusting and I thought I need to call a different company for that. He said they could paint them and they would last for quite some time. He visited, gave me the painting quote, asked me what color I wanted (gray), and it was done within a day. They look so much better and makes the roof look "tended to."

As a result of not needing a new roof, I decided this was the year of other exterior upgrades, which are nearly completed now.

mason conley